Video: What inspires you to take action?

We made our Estonian version of 50 people 1 question – in full HD and with English subtitles (press “play” and then button “cc” on the Youtube player to enable subtitles).


We received many answers and left many people pondering. What would be your answer to the question “What inspires you to take action?”





3 responses to “Video: What inspires you to take action?”

  1. Joe Ndzulo Avatar

    My answer to the question is: the desire to see things neat and well done. Knowing that doing something can result to a better state of mind and environment also inspires me to take action.

    Though I could not read the subtitles, I like the concept and the good video quality.

  2. Harald Lepisk Avatar

    Thank you for sharing, Joe. How do you usually get yourself to do the first step towards creating that state?

    To activate the subtitles, start the video and find “cc” button near annotations and video quality button.

  3. Saiha Avatar

    I watch this video every morning since i found it, you did not only make house work eaeisr but also getting on delayed work sooooo much fun and unstressing, with your permission i took the liberty to post some on my Facebook Expecting more tips from you and i can’t wait for your e-book xoxo

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