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  • The most inspiring book – which one?

    The most inspiring book – which one?

    During my inspiration workshops people often note that the most inspiring book they have read is Antoine de Saint Exupery´s Little Prince. It´s a deep story made simple. It encourages us to challenge our assumptions and bring more creativity into our lives. If you haven´t read it or you simply want to refresh your memory, then…

  • Best videos on creativity

    Best videos on creativity

    I worked my way through youtube and other video streaming websites seeking for the best videos on creativity. Here are the results: Where do good ideas come from? Steven Johnson unravels a story of idea generation. The surprising truth about what motivates us Dan Pink invites us to discover 3 key components that shape our…

  • The very best of creativity links

    The very best of creativity links

    We possess a powerful tool – the internet connection. All the secrets, knowledge and perhaps even the truth can be found in there. But the main question is:”What do you type in after starting your web-browser?”. I´ll make it easier for you – all the best stuff about creativity can be found using these links on…