The most inspiring book – which one?

During my inspiration workshops people often note that the most inspiring book they have read is Antoine de Saint Exupery´s Little Prince. It´s a deep story made simple. It encourages us to challenge our assumptions and bring more creativity into our lives.

If you haven´t read it or you simply want to refresh your memory, then you can also read the “Little Prince” online.

Share your opinion: which book has inspired you the most?

I´ll start with some of the books and lessons that have had a great positive impact of my life:

The most important resource is not time, it is energy.
Jim Loehr, Tony Schwartz: “The Power of Full Engagement”

Automate your work and live your life the way you really want to.
Timothy Ferriss: “4 Hour Workweek”

Focus your energy on what you want in your life. And that´s what you get in your life. The law of attraction.
Rhonda Byrne: “The Secret”

It´s not about what happened, it´s not about what will happen. It´s about what you are experiencing now. Being in the now – wow.
Eckhart Tolle: “The Power of Now”

Achieve the state of being totally committed to the work at hand. Let it flow.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: “Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience”

Back to you: peek at your bookshelf and share the name of your favorite book.





3 responses to “The most inspiring book – which one?”

  1. Liisi Toom Avatar
    Liisi Toom

    Though The Little Prince is also one of my favorites – reminds me of purity of thought among many things, yet I would like to bring out three other books I constantly read and go back to:

    1. Tom Peters and the Brand You 50 – a necessity to anyone starting the creation/perservance, development of their brand YOU’s. Short, right on point, colorful, INSPIRING, encouraging. And without too many extra words.
    2. Donald J. Trump “How to get rich?” – actually a biographical book, again very straightforward and simple (which made me adore Trump and all he does), he knows what he is and what he is not and stresses the importance of doing what you love, cos then all the rest just follows after.
    3. For fun I like to read the deep thoughts (humoristic ones) of Mulla Nasreddin – gentle sarcasm and irony in very deep thoughts.

  2. tannaz Avatar

    awesome! 🙂 thanks.

  3. Hariyanto Avatar

    greatt, how much does the book cost ?

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