Interview with Don Bales – travelling around the world

I met Don through my online course “Creating Inspiration” in 2009 – he was very keen of learning and travelling. But I never expected that he would actually embark on a journey around the world.

In 2012 I met Don in Germany at JCI European Conference. At that time he had been travelling for 5,5 months and had 8 months ahead. He had travelled to Antarctica, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Equador, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Panama, Costa-Rica, Belize, Mexico, Orlando, Miami, New York, Austin, Montreal and so forth.

What are the highlights of travelling around the world?

The main reason why people go travel is for seeing the world. Don pointed out that one of the interesting highlights was the impact his travel photos had to his friends at Facebook – they got inspired by what he was doing. It became not only travelling for himself, but also travelling for his friends.

But the main highlight of travelling are the people you meet in particular moments and places.

Turning a dream into a reality

Many dream of travelling, few actually do it.

Don had 3 key factors that enabled him to start the journey:

  1. He got year off from work (he will get his job back when he returns)
  2. He had some savings (chose travelling instead of downpayment for a house)
  3. He is single (no commitments)
It´s time to travel 🙂

“I´d love to go and travel, but…”

Don´t be afraid to follow your dreams. Get rid of all the excuses. If you really want it bad enough, you´ll do it.

Don actually had dreamed and imagined about places he wants to go. When he had made the decision to take action, the other necessary preconditions (as mentioned before) fell into place. The law of attraction.

If money is an issue – work while travelling.

If loneliness is an issue – you´ll meet new friends. As a matter of fact – travelling forces you to meet new people (otherwise you might stay in your comfort zone as you might do in your hometown).

If uncertainty is an issue – the key to reducing stress while travelling is turning your fear into fascination.

If job is an issue – there will be a new one.

Go travel to learn about yourself

Dreams do come true. If you really want it bad enough, you´ll be creative about it. Just follow your heart. If you´re really passionate about it, nothing is impossible.

Don has discovered his inner charisma through travelling and meeting new people, although he had always considered himself as an introvert. Despite being an analytic person in his professional life, Don now makes more and more decisions by using his gut-feeling and having an adventurous spirit. Taking a leap of faith.

So it appears that travelling is a form of experience that opens up something you already have inside of you.

Will there be life after the world travels?

Don agrees that travelling around the world is a life changing trip. He promises that when returning back to his “normal life” he will do extraordinary things.

You can life an extraordinary life even in your own city on ordinary days.

What to pack when travelling around the world?

Tips for packing your bag

Main rule: pack as light as you can. Send unnecessary things back to home or give them away. Scan your business cards.

Use phone cache memory to store map images in Google Maps application. Ask for a local map at your hostel.

Bag limit: 23 kg, recommended goal: 11-13 kg.

Don´t bring white clothes (getting mixed in laundry). Use generic shirts (you can reuse them without anyone knowing that you are wearing the same shirt again)

List of items to pack:

  • Hiking shoes (comfortable, with Gore-tex)
  • Black shoes for formal events
  • Flip-flops
  • Compact jacket with thermal layer
  • Silk travel liner
  • Toiletry stuff
  • Electronic stuff (chargers, flashlight)
  • Security wire and locks for securing the bag
  • Wire for drying clothes
  • Personal journal
  • Clothes (thermals, fleece, wind-breaker, jacket, raincoat, cap, jeans, jogging pants, shorts, swimming shorts, t-shirts)
  • Microfiber towel
  • Special travel shirt for patches.

Ship is safe in harbour, but it´s not what ships are made for. (W. A. Shedd)

Go for your dream!