Meet Harald

Harald Lepisk is a passionate lifestyle-entrepreneur and a charismatic creativity trainer.

Committed to empower young dreamers to become creative leaders.

“Several of years ago I discovered that we have many simple and effective tools in the reach of our hands, that really help us to live our dreams. From that very moment I have devoted my energy, time and passion to research, experiment and teach how to become a better version of yourself. “

Harald is an outstanding creativity trainer from Estonia. He brings the energy, excitement and encouraging environment to the training scene. He incorporates the clarity of a technology consultant, the playfulness of an actor, the charisma of a DJ, the holistic approach of a manager and the passion of a leader.

Harald is currently:

  • Inspiration facilitator and partner at Victory Trainings.
  • Board member at Haraldi Grupp.

Harald has been:

  • MBA student at Tartu University, majoring in Entrepreneurship and technology management and focusing on entrepreneurship pedagogy. (graduated in 2011)
  • Vice president on individual development at JCI Estonia.
  • Local chapter president at JCI Toomemäe.
  • JCI Estonia Training Institute director.
  • Retail chain director.
  • Technology consultant at online store.
  • DJ, radio-show host, conference moderator, teacher of entrepreneurship…

He has delivered more than 300 trainings with the sum of 10 000 participants; trained young leaders, corporate teams, entrepreneurs and educators in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Germany and Catalonia (Spain) + motivational speeches in Hungary and Brussels. He is currently JCI Certified National Trainer.

Harald´s T-experience - Click to enlarge

Harald is talented in many ways, yet his most outstanding achievements are in the fields of entrepreneurship, inspiring creativity and effective training. He can train you to become a creative leader, a passionate speaker or a better version of yourself.

Look closer, go deeper.

Get Harald to inspire young leaders in your local community.


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  1. […] Harald Lepisk (Estonia) despre munca munca si iar munca. OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE (ceva pozitiv? negativ? depinde cum privesti…). Cum ar trebui sa gandim cu totii: -Whatever happens, I will find some way, some ideea to solve it. -Can I get a little better today? -Write down 3 things every day that are worth talking about tomorrow. Motto-ul lui: "Every day inspire at least one person to see the unseen, say the unsaid, and do the undone. At least yourself. Today." Frumos spus, nu credeti? Mai jos urmeaza si cateva linkuri cu material video, pentru ca Harald face show pe scena… […]