If you need personal advice, fresh thinking and encouragement to achieve your dreams, then personal coaching empowers you to reach your success.

Personal coaching is specific goal oriented time-bound activity in which the coach helps coachee to achieve a higher level of effectiveness by creating a dialogue that leads awareness and achievements.

Personal coaching is available in the fields of creative thinking, achieving dreams, passionate speaking and talent development.

The inspiring coach Harald Lepisk

Harald has coached and trained thousands of people in his workshops, seminars and 1:1 sessions. He has coached executives, leaders, students and entrepreneurs. He is talented in:

  • Helping people to see the bigger picture and see hidden opportunities.
  • Asking the right questions to provoke thinking and challenge assumptions.
  • Inspiring people to take action and achieve their dreams.

Harald is passionate about empowering young dreamers to become creative leaders.

How it works?

 The coaching process:

  1. Clarifying the topic to focus on.
  2. Defining the expected outcome.
  3. Evaluating the current situation.
  4. Creating opportunities to go from here to there.
  5. Creating an action plan to achieve the dream.
  6. Realization and feedback

The coaching sessions can be done through Skype calls. The coaching process consists of 3-7 sessions, depending on your needs and interests.

Want to make your dream come true? Take action:  Meet Harald   or   Contact Harald.

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