How to create success?

How to find motivation and self-belief to achieve outstanding results?

I got some inspiration from Anthony Robbins´ foundation of success and decided to enrich this model with my own tips and ideas on how to manifest more success in your life. This is how the 4 step success model looks like:

The circle of success

The concept is simple:

Your beliefs determine your understanding of your potential. This potential determines whether you dare to take action. By taking action you get resultsand by interpreting these results you form your beliefs. The circle of success where each link plays vital role in creating success of failure. Which one would you choose?

If you prefer success, then take a look on these ideas I generated for making sure that each link would empower your success.


How to tap your hidden potential?

Your potential is your understanding of what you are capable of doing.

  • Set your focus – make clear what is most important for you now? Which activities would have the strongest impact on your future?
  • Make a list of your resources – write down all the opportunities and resources you could use.
  • Make a list of previous successes – write down all the things you have been successful in.
  • Amplify your special skills – use the talents that you have been recognized for.
  • Find out what your friends think about you – ask people you trust to give their opinion on what you seem to be really good at.
  • Test yourself– if you are having difficulties using the previous tips, try out different personality tests to find out what your strengths and special talents are.

How to take your ideas into action?

Ideas without implementation are worthless.

  • Force yourself – create an irreversible need to take action. Take yourself into a state where you just have to do it and succeed.
  • Set a deadline – define a specific date by which you will have it done.
  • Be an experimenter – don´t worry about failure, but test, experiment.
  • Give promises you have to fulfill – tell others how you are going to do it. After promising you just have to do it, otherwise you will be embarrassed if you are asked “so, did you do it?”.
  • Eliminate unimportant – get rid of things and activities that do not add value to you. What could you eliminate now?
  • Slice your goal into smaller tasks – make an action plan of achievable tasks that gradually reach your final goal.
  • Grab some inspiration from your role-models – look how your role-models have done great things and decide that you will perform at the same level.
  • Take action immediately – never leave a place of goal-setting without taking action to IMMEDIATELY do something to move a step closer to reaching the goal.

Before diving into tips on how to get better results, check out this inspiring video with Michael Jordan:

How to achieve really good results?

Result is what you want to achieve. Then again you define what it is that you have achieved.

  • Clarify your measurement criteria – how do you know that you have achieved your goal? How do you measure it?
  • Set higher goals – higher goals make you do more and this way you will achieve a greater result, than you would have achieved with modest goals.
  •  Decide to become the superstar in your niche field – decide to become really good in your specific domain and devote yourself to do it.
  • There is no failure, there is only feedback – whatever happens, this is what happened and you received feedback about it. Learn from it and move on.
  • Reject rejections – don´t let fools take you down.
  • See positive in everything– see what opportunities the result offers, whatever it is. You interpret your results.

How to form positive, empowering beliefs?

Your  beliefs determine how you see the world. They form the lens through which you see the world.

  • Enjoy recognition – sincerely thank everyone who have appreciated your achievements. Let the good feeling go through you and decide: “Yes, I´m really good!”
  • Create positive affirmations – repeat positive affirmations about yourself out loud, make sure to add the emotion to each time you say the affirmation.
  • Write you beliefs manifest – write down all the things you believe in. Define, which are your empowering and which are your dis-empowering beliefs. Brake the dis-empowering and amplify the empowering beliefs.
  • Use hypnosis – let experts help you reprogram your beliefs (only use this if you have found a trustworthy therapist and you are unable to find any other option that works).

Apply these principles now and let your circle of success expand! Get yourself an inspiring coach to accelerate your success.





7 responses to “How to create success?”

  1. andreea Avatar

    Your suggestions about creating success are a very good tool for me!! thank you!!!

    But I think they are achievable in a long term process…weeks…months maybe. Do you agree?

    What advise do you give when it’s about a great opportunity…and you have to “create success” in 2-3 days?

  2. Harald Lepisk Avatar

    Hello Andreea,

    Sorry for the late reply – it was just so awesome in Romania that every single second was an adventure 🙂

    Great to hear that this article has been useful for you.

    Indeed, these recommendations are most effective for long-term improvements. Dependent on your current stand-point, you can also apply them for faster achievements.

    If you want to achieve faster results, you need to ask yourself “What is the most important thing I should do to achieve my goal?” or at least move very close to that goal with focused effort.

    Advice for any great success to start: just take the first step. Meet that person, take that call, start that conversation.


  3. hannan Avatar

    hi bro,
    hope u doin great. I’m a business trainer was trained by tony few years ago in singapore. I’m from Malaysia. Your model is simply great. I need your permission to use it in my talk. tq

  4. Harald Lepisk Avatar

    Hello Hannan,

    Feel free to use it – the model itself is Tony´s, the examples around it are things I brainstormed from my experience.

    If you could also link to this blog post for extra reading then it would be awesome 🙂


  5. michael Avatar


  6. michael Avatar

    hello! I am from punjab i had read your message about success it is really good i want to talk with you on facebook or my number is 9872069780 please call me.

  7. michael Avatar

    I am from punjab i had read your message about success it is really good i want to talk with you on facebook or my number is 9872069780 please call me.

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