Building self-confidence to experience more inspiration

3 tips to get the maximum out of this course:

  1. Write down the roles you are in. In each role, define what is it that you want to learn from this course?
  2. Don´t take everything as pure truth. You decide what is the truth for you.
  3. Feel what is right for you and apply it now.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”

Being successful is about having the right beliefs, mostly belief in yourself – being self-confident. This is why the Creating Inspiration course starts with tools and tactics how to become more  self-confident, so that you could spontaneously apply your creative potential.

I would recommend you start with watching the videos to get your ideas running and after that to elaborately go through the text. It´s not just about reading and saying “yup, true, true”  – you need to test out these exercises and apply this knowledge to get results.

How to select the best ideas?

Clarify your centric value that you hold most precious. If you know what it is, then start living and making decisions based on that value. Use it to choose your friends, trainings, job, vacation etc.

For me the centric value is inspiration. Whenever I need to make tough decisions, I ask myself: “which option would bring me more inspiration?”.

Some examples of values to choose from: love, excitement, fun, development, security, innovativeness, healthy, freedom, respect, inspiration…

Exercise: take a paper sheet and write your centric value on it, boldly.

It´s amazing how the whole decision making process becomes so clear and easy once you have defined your centric value in life. It´s the easiest way to find a fast and effective criteria for evaluating ideas and all the other values take their place as well.

By the way – your centric value may change throughout your life and that´s ok, if it does. It´s important that you know what your centric values is NOW.

How to overcome fear of failure and critics?

If you are not being criticized, you may not be doing much.
Donald Rumsfeld

Things happen of you do a lot and if you are afraid of critics of failure, then you might as well retire now. Use these techniques to overcome fear and critics:

  • Don´t take it into yourself – it´s only and opinion of others. “You don´t like it? So what?”
  • Replace all the swear words with an expression interesting situation – this leaves you neutral in every situation and does not blind you with worries and sorrow, but enables you to tune yourself to finding solutions. Try it out and see how effective it is.
  • Focus on your success – keep your focus on good things in your life, because that´s what you want.
  • Give recognition for yourself and others – start to notice all the positive things in your deeds and look for it in the deeds of others. Describe them what they have done great.

Exercise: Take a big paper, attach it to your wall and fill it up with all the things you have succeeded in. Feel how good it feels to think about these achievements and amplify that good feeling throughout your body.

How to liberate yourself from prejudices and limiting beliefs?

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.
Marie Curie

You feel that something is limiting you? Challenge your assumptions – is it really so or have you simply created a limiting illusion for yourself? To challenge your limiting assumptions you can do a fear-buster show:

  1. Invite some good friends.
  2. Write down all the things you would want to do, but you think it´s impossible.
  3. Start busting these limiting beliefs one by one – proving that it is possible to achieve that.
  4. Every time that limiting belief comes to your mind, then you´ll remember, that this limit is totally pointless and there is no need to worry about that.

How to build self-confidence, that I can be inspired?

Apply positive self-talk – treat yourself the way you want to be treated.


  • Go to a forest or cattle range, where you can move freely and speak out loud spontaneously.
  • While talking start saying out loud positive affirmations.
  • Dim and break down all the thoughts that stop you from being inspired – replace them with empowering sentences on how you can, want and do achieve your result.

Create yourself a mastermind group – people who mutually find new opportunities. Select the ones you respect and focus on specific topic every time you meet – how to get things done. Do not create groups of victims,  but create masterclasses. Well composed group builds synergy.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.
The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

Sir Winston Spencer Churchill

Be grateful – focus on things that have gone and are well. Start noticing all the inspiring moments that you can be grateful for.

Exercise: When waking up in the morning or going to bed in the evening, start counting all the things that you can be grateful for. Experience that good warm feeling and amplify that.

Alternative option: take a notebook to write down 10 things/events/moments that you are grateful for.

You will find so many things that give you more energy. Enjoy that.

Install confident vocabulary to yourself and apply it in your daily sentences and communication:

  • absolutely, definitely
  • fantastic, powerful, wonderful, amazing
  • I know, I can, I want, I will

Walk the talk after installing this new vocabulary 🙂

Inspiration with yourself

Review this material and ask yourself how these ideas and techniques could help you to achieve better results in your roles?

Exercise of the week: Write your “This I believe” manifest, writing down all your beliefs and principles. For every belief add a comment stating what this belief is about.

Example from my beliefs manifest:

4. Life and energy moves
Make room for new energy and discoveries, empty your cup to pour fresh tea into it. Share your best experiences and wisdom to make room for new wisdom and experience.

5. Change your rivals into your superheroes
If you have competitors that are better than you in something, then find out what it is that makes them successful and consider them as your role models to get inspiration from. Lend their brains, stand on their shoulders and add your own ideas to create value.

Get at least an equivalent number empowering beliefs written down as your age is.

Book recommendation: “The Secret” – Rhonda Byrne.
“Biology of belief” – Bruce H. Lipton

Movie recommendation: The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

Youtube recommendation: Being Alive!

You will find the link to the next course in your mailbox in a week.

Be Inspired!

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