Host creativity

Seize the day – host the inspiring creativity training in your country to ignite passion and aliveness in your local community. Click to check out the example of one of the extended agendas (it can also be squeezed to couple of days):

Inspiring Creativity - schedule - click to look closer

Some examples of training programmes:

Your Personal Strategy Workshop

Insightful personal strategy workshop for getting clarity where you are right now, where you want to be in 10 years and how to get there. During this workshop you will:

  1. Visualize your ideal day.
  2. Create a role-map and see the big picture of yourself.
  3. Create your dream job profile and test it out in a role-play.
  4. Learn how to create effective goals.

You will leave this workshop with more clarity about yourself and heightened level of motivation to take action towards your dreams.

Training: How to Ignite Your Creativity?

Playful training for learning how to generate creative solutions to any problem by using the most effective creativity techniques. During this training you will:

  1. Learn how your creativity works.
  2. Learn 4 most effective creativity techniques for generating creative ideas.
  3. Test out those techniques in team-work.

You will leave this training with heightened energy level and practical tips and tactics for generating creative ideas in your real-life situations.

Video-training: Speaking With Passion

 Transforming video-training for learning how to become a passionate speaker that people love to listen. During this training you will:

  1. Create your “My dream” speech and present it to the class and video-camera
  2. Get feedback from video, course-mates and the trainer on how to improve your performance.

You will leave this training with authentic picture of yourself as a speaker and equipped with loads of practical tips and tactics on how to become even better speaker.

Hosting the training in your country

I love to meet people from different cultures and learn and grow with them. I have had the privilige to inspire great minds in Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Catalonia and Romania. I´d love to do it again or expand to new countries.

Contact Harald now to get things going.

(PS! Special conditions for delivering trainings for JCI 😉 )