Best videos on creativity

I worked my way through youtube and other video streaming websites seeking for the best videos on creativity. Here are the results:

Where do good ideas come from?

Steven Johnson unravels a story of idea generation.

The surprising truth about what motivates us

Dan Pink invites us to discover 3 key components that shape our actions.

Tony Buzan on how to improve your creative thinking

Am I creative? How the brain works? How to think out of the box?

Edward De Bono on creative thinking

Is every novel idea creative? Provides a good framework for understanding creativity.

Tim Brown: The powerful link between creativity and play

Good involving lecture on creativity with many practical examples. Make sure you do all the excercises he asks you to 😉

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

Entertaining and profoundly moving speech on creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

What happens if we ignore creativity?

How can you encourage a child? Use your imagination.

Have you seen any other good videos on creativity that are publicly available? Let everyone know by adding their links as comments.





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